1. Absence in class: concepts taught are missed, connectivity from topic to topic is missed, unable to cope up with previous lessons, loss of interest.
  2. Assignments: Laziness leads to avoid assignments, hence the concepts are not clear or further study does not happen. Students who complete assignments on their own are usually clear of the subject taught and are better performers.
  3. Content, PPT & Leads: Usually students do not bother to visit with interest the content given, book leads and journal leads given. Hence under perform in exams.
  4. Unit tests: Students avoid tests thinking that it is not important, they fail to realize this is an opportunity to test themselves for the bigger or final exam.
  5. Question banks: Though the question banks (objective & subjective) are available in the library, students rarely utilize that as they are busy elsewhere.
  6. Library: Students go to library to pass time instead of doing extension study or research of the subjects, hence their subject knowledge is poor.
  7. Books: It is rarely found that students are buying books of their semester individually or as a group, hence they lose the opportunity to revisit the chapters taught in classroom, revise or practice the topics.
  8. Lack of Questioning: Most students are shy or lazy to ask questions in the classroom, even when the faculties are available after college hours the students do not approach with subject doubts.
  9. Internet: Everything is available on the Web but students are only interested in songs, movies, social network sites. Hence they never improve their studies or their knowledge.
  10. Lack of practice: The College provides ample time in the afternoon and evening but students are busy surveying the streets of vizag or indulging in things that are not relevant to their studies.
  11. With proper training even a pig, dog, any wild animal in a circus are able to perform at the highest level, but students with all training & avenues open are failing probably because they are behaving less than animals, to exist worse than insects in this society.