The greatest master has made us little masters, each representing the universe in microcosm. All it takes is that moment of understanding, that right environment, those right people around, to trigger the process of unlocking the infinite energy of knowledge, wisdom, awareness, realization and self actualization.

At Indo-American we strive to facilitate this very process to develop a master craftsman who in turn perpetuates this process. 2 Decades of educating students in diverse streams have reinforced our belief in the limitless ability of humankind to perform astonishing deeds, given the freedom and inspiration to do so.


Faith is a force that can move mountains. Indo-American makes every individual aware of this potent power within himself, the expression of which can work great deeds to the collective benefit of humanity.


Indo-American provides space (time) and freedom for the creative spirit of every individual to blossom and spread its purest fragrance that reaches beyond the physical senses.


Indo-American inculcates, induces and initiates the 'never say die' spirit of perseverance in every individual, without which no difficult task is accomplished and no battle won. Perseverance is the fuel that helps sustain during times of adversity and travail.


Indo-American nurtures and nourishes the spirit of gratitude and generosity which are but manifestations of one another. These virtues help the students remain humble and humane in any situation.


Indo-American subscribes to and practices the Olympian ideal of scaling greater heights, moving at the speed of thought and exploring beyond known horizons.



Energising Life (PDF) (FLASH)


Prof. V.Pujari