Jagruti Foundation for rural development is CSR initiative of Pujaris Educational Trust. The core objective of this foundation is to alleviate poverty in rural areas by providing skill based occupational training programs to the (BPL) below poverty line youth. The BPL youth are trained in all of the hospitality functions and departments and are placed in some of the leading hotels in India.
This employment program is truly rewarding and beneficial not only to the BPL families but is also helpful in eradicating the perils of poverty and unemployment in our country. Jagruti project is active in three states namely Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal and efforts are being invested in extending the operations to other states as well. This project is supported by the Ministry of Rural Development of India (MORD) and regulated by the National Institute of Rural Development of India (NIRD). The project aims to transform the lives of about 20000 BPL youth through the National Skills Development Program in a span of four years.