The Savitri Pujari Foundation for Leadership Development (SPFLD) is an altruistic trust established with the sole objective of nurturing leadership founded on the principles of human values and ethics. One of the most significant and important functions of SPFLD is to provide innovative leadership training and development solutions to individuals from all walks of life. Leadership is a quality that is always admired and cherished by one and all irrespective of the fact as to whether one is educated or illiterate. Leadership is a quality that transcends all barriers of race, color, creed and gender and is definitely a prerequisite to excel, influence and inspire people from different backgrounds.
SPFLD has laid the foundation for leadership development to encourage students, youngsters, professionals, corporate staff, CEO's , managers, housewives and almost anyone to learn and become effective leaders who can influence and make a positive change to the environment they live in. SPFLD offers scholarships for all aspiring students who have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn and assimilate new leadership concepts and apply them in diverse fields of expertise for the benefit of the community at large. In order to fulfill this purpose of offering stalwart leaders who can bring about a huge paradigm shift to the society, SPFLD gives you the opportunity to avail scholarships for your children to study at the Indo American School.